General Questions

Can I purchase bus tickets to other cities?

We are a charter and tour bus company. We run weekly casino trips as well as seasonal trips and tours. While you can charter a bus to the destination of your choice, we do not operate line runs between cities.

Do I need reservations?

For our casino line runs, reservations are suggested as we hold seats for reservations and prepaid riders. For all other trips reservations and prepaying is required.

How do I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets by visiting our online store or by calling 1-800-282-3326. If you are going on a casino trip, you can also purchase tickets directly from the driver. If purchasing from the driver, please have correct change.

Can baby/infant car seats be used on the motor coaches?

Yes, car seats are allowed in the motor coach seats, however, there are no tie downs or seat belts to strap the car seat to the seat. Caution should be used on any forward facing car seats on the motor coach.

May I bring food and drinks on your motor coaches?

Of course! Food and non alcoholic beverages for your own personal use may be brought on board. Please help us keep the motor coaches clean by picking up your litter.

Is smoking allowed on the motor coach?

No, federal law prohibits smoking on motor coaches.

What kind of buses do you offer?

We take great pride in our buses. All are newer models with the latest in comfort and technology. For detailed bus information and pictures, visit Meet the Fleet.

What's your safety record and insurance information?

This is another point of pride for our company. Dean Transportation, our parent company, is a family-owned company that specializes in transporting school kids. Given this focus you can see our commitment to safety in everything we do from background checks on drivers to the thorough training and continuing education of our drivers. The American Bus Association recommend's asking for a carrier's U.S. DOT number. Carriers are required to have a U.S. DOT number clearly displayed, and should be either 5 or 6 digits long. By using that number, you can view the carrier's safety information online. Our U.S. DOT number is 560515.

Are there bathrooms on-board?

Yes, our buses all have restrooms on-board.

Charter Bus Questions

What are your payment terms?

We require a deposit of 10% of the charter amount or $100.00 (whichever is greater) to book your charter. Full payment on the balance is due 21 days prior to departure. If you book within 21 days of departure, the full balance is due at the time of booking.

What are your cancelation terms?

If the charter is canceled within 14 days of departure a fee will be assessed in the amount of the deposit. If the charter is canceled within 48 hours of departure, a fee will be assessed in the amount of 50% the charter. If the charter is canceled after the driver shows up to perform the charter a fee will be assessed in the amount equal to our minimum 6 hour charge for the size motor coach reserved.

Do you travel across state lines or to Canada?

Yes, while based in Michigan our buses and drivers can travel anywhere in the nation and—as long as your trip begins in the U.S.—into Canada.

How far in advance do I have to book my trip?

The sooner you book, the more options you have. To ensure availability, you should book your trip at least three weeks in advance, but we can often accommodate next-day requests—call to talk directly to one of our travel coordinators.

Do I tip the driver?

Yes please, we do not include gratuity in the final bill. 10-15% would be greatly appreciated by the driver. Thank you.